Me, Myself and the Haze, MajorHaze.

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  1. Belated intro, but i guess that's the theme on this forum.

    Here are some facts about me.

    1) I'm an adult...............Shocker, i know.
    2) I'm part Native American
    3) I love Castle......Hence the Nathan Fillion from Firefly profile pic i'm sporting.
    4) Coffee is my friend
    5) I've told you way to much about me.

    I like this server cause EMC is just a big family reunion all the time. I'm here to stay and i mean stay forever. I'm Permanently derelict proof, thanks to a voucher i used. So yeah, i'm here to
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  2. Hi Haze. Welcome to the Empire. What smp did you end up on. I'm on smp3 and if you need help and see me on let me know. Enjoy your stay. :)
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  3. SMP-TWO
    That's my home server. Thanks i'll let you know if i need any thing.
  4. Got my place started. Looking forward to finishing it. I might have a shop or not, idk. lol

  5. You're almost there! Just another day ;)
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  6. Well I've been here since basically November 2015. But just introduced myself on the forums this past Monday. But thanks for the welcome.