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How was your satisfaction rating with the MD13 Services; Redstone and Farming Department?

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3 - Ok, final product didn't really change my experience 0 vote(s) 0.0%
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  1. [Background Info] - I'm gonna be starting a department in redstone and farming for MD13 Services. It'll be strictly for creating farms and other various redstone and farming mechanisms for players who can't figure it out or just feel too lazy at the moment. Residence 16991, on smp8, currently holds a few farms I've already made that are listed here if you want to check them out yourself.

    [Buying] - If you'd like to purchase a farm, listed below, just leave a comment/post below stating what you want, what server, and what res.

    [Currently] - Supplies will be needed to be given to me, since I'm in a bit of crisis with stone items, used for repeaters, comparators, pistons, etc. There will be a donation hopper on my res 16992, on smp8. Tips are also appreciated if you're satisfied with your final product.

    [Bugs] - If it ever so happens that your redstone device either broke, water poured on, needs to be moved, etc. I will do it for free. Just pm me and I'll be there right away. No need to explain why it broke or needs to be moved.

    [Removal] - If you aren't satisfied with your final product after two days I'll remove the farm and full money back guaranteed!
    (If you were actually happy with your final product and abused this feature it will be removed and your money will not be given back)

    [Add-Ons] - If you want an add-on that I may or may not have on a previous redstone build I have already made for myself just let me know.

    [Prices] - If you want a smaller/larger for each strip, section, etc. for a farm just let me know and we can discuss proper prices. The products are color coded in groups as to how familiar they are is in farming goods, animals/animal products, etc.

    Wheat, Potato, and Carrot Farm - 200R for every 10x8 section that you want added

    Sugar Cane Farm - 300R for every 10 wide strip

    Cacti Farm - 150R for every 17x17 platform

    Animal Farm (Breeders/Killers) - 100R, animals must be provided

    Villager Farm - 50R, villagers must be provided

    Tree Farm - 1000R, goto 16991 to see the farm yourself

    Smooth Stone Generator - 1500R

    Auto Brewery - 2000R, goto 16991 to see the farm yourself
    (Pain to build, but worth if you can't remember brewing combos :p)

    [Final Comments] - There may be more farms added to the list after a while, in which case I will just edit the original post, so check every so often for a new options. Please leave your satisfaction rating in the above polling, any additional comments towards your satisfaction are appreciated in the comments below. Please try and keep all post about this thread.
    (If you vote without ever having a farm built by this company for you it'll be ignored for I'll have a list of all customers and what they bought in a book and will check if you lied or not)