MC:XB <3

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  1. So I boughted the XBox version of MC today and loaded my personal seed and spawned in a virgin copy of my original world.. <3 I also have gold for 3 months so I can play with peoples online.. I share my xbox account with my bf, so it might be him playing sometimes, but anyone who knows my minecraft ign knows my (and my bf's) gamertag.. :)
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  2. I will play with you
  3. I've said this on a few threads. I'm amazed at how stupid Mojang was to sign the agreement keeping Minecraft XBOX exclusive on consoles. I could go on and on about this, but I won't.

    On a more positive note: It's pretty cool that you spawned in a copy of your original world. The chances of that are very low.
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  4. I got that one time with a world that was accidantely deleted! :D was very happy