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  1. ok so ive lost all sound for minecraft??? :/ everything else works for sound (eg youtube, sound test) im not muted. I got sound and music up to 100% ingame. I have no idea whats goin on please help.
  2. Try re-installing it. simplest fix.
  3. I could give you a lot of technical jargon, but installing it is just easier haha. Not a big file, doesn't take long.
  4. In the sound mixer, while minecraft is open- there should be a completely separate fade r just for minecraft, try checking that
  5. yeah thats all the way up to, im just gonna make a backup of all my save files and re-install minecraft.exe
  6. Hope that fixes it- it is not safe adventuring into the creeper infested wilderness without sound
  7. or ghasts :eek:
    also cant hear slime's

    Sound is very much a nessasity to minecraft.
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  8. Mine is always off.
  9. I usually listen to a friend's comedy show while playing. Sometimes I do miss things because of the sound being masked.