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  1. I know that someone has done this before but I want to as well...

    I always love to create new skins for fun. Now I know a lot of other "minecraftians" like to too! If you want to show me what you can create here is how to give me the image:

    1. Put a description of the skin
    example: a wizard with a green cape

    2. Copy the address bar with the skin image (what you would put in the skin changer at

    3. The minecraftian (player) who want's the skin must copy the skin image and put it in the skin changer and you're done!

    When you do I will think if the skin is cool or not! (Probably it will be epic!)
    Feel free to send a request for people!

    Happy skin making! :)

    Oh yea and a good skin making website is:
  2. I'm more of a find-different-parts-I-like-and-mash-them-up type of guy. But if I wanted to I could probably put out a decent skin. I just never have yet.
  3. image printer thing? are you talking about a skin making program or something?
  4. Umm no if you look beside the movie tape thing you will see a little tree like while you are typing a comment (like changing font place)
  5. Well go ahead and make one!
  6. ohhhhhh lol. ill show you one i made a few months ago for a twitch streamer then:
    edit: its shiek
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  7. No no no! like the image you would put in the "Change skin" in! And what it looks like.
  8. Here is an example of what you would put:
    (description) A cool purple sweater boy

    (image) It kinda messed up... but you would put the image's name in it
  9. oh, you want this:

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  10. YES!! that is it!!!!!! :D :D :D
    What did you put in the selection bar?
  11. just the .png for that shiek skin, i can post one more if youd like
  12. Did you ever get done with mine?
  13. i could never get it to look quite right, he always turn out looking like a sand snowman. >.>
  14. im gonna keep trying to make it, maybe ill figure something out.
  15. What do you want as a skin? I can try to make it! :D
  16. I'm gonna try paste a skin! this is one i made

  17. WHY CAN I NOT PASTE ANY SKINS?!?!?!?! AHHHH THE ANGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :mad::mad::mad:
  18. I wanted like a 1800s Gold rush entrapenour kind of guy, like a salesmen? Kind like overalls and a flannel shirt with a curly mustache.
  19. i get the moustache but idk the rest... :confused: