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  1. Well, I was out at the store looking around for a birthday party tomorrow, and purchased what I am getting sack for the holidays.
    Yes, I did open one up to peek, and to share with y'all.

    Missing the 'mobs' one.

    What do you think? Good choice, or what?

    20131214_150743.jpg 20131214_212346.jpg
  2. ha i wish i d be getting something like this...
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  3. OMG, high can i go to your home? :D
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  4. Where did u buy this?... Must ask mother for this....
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  5. Ha, ya its great. Actually I cant wait to build it with em.
    Comes with 'mortar' (tape) for securing the blocks.
    This was at Toys-R-us, for those who want.
    price was from 25 bucks for the large, to like 12 bucks for the smaller stuff.

    LOL general! MC fun at our house!
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  6. I wana come to :)
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  7. Me still want to go to your house :D.
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  8. What? You can also just print them for less than 3 dollars, right?
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  9. But these are already made Orange!
    Plus no cutting, just punch out, and put together!
    Plus you are not factoring in the ink nor cardstock!

    And... I would like to see you print the glass.... :p
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