MC Pumpkin Carving

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  1. As you will see, I'm kinda known for my AMAZING artistic ability ;). Tonight my family and I carved pumpkins for Halloween and if anyone thinks they can do better.... post it here.

    photo 1.JPG
    photo 2.JPG

    .... and even though it's an exceptional reproduction, for those who might have vision troubles, it's a Creeper.:D

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  2. Enjoy it a Mini-Death run ;)
  3. Dangit I'm jealous of all this artistic Fall/halloween stuff lately. :p Most of the time for me, pumpkins go in pie because there's really nobody on my road who would pay attention if I decorated :/ Bunch of snooty old people who want kids to stay off their lawns.

  4. I did the Tom carving, and my wife did the Jerry carving.
  5. Will be posting pics of my pumpkins by Wednesday, gettign my pumpkins today and carving tomorrow.