[MC] Idea - How to have faster Minecarts.

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  1. Rail systems are fun when you take all the time and resources to make them.

    But are they fast enough?

    I think splash speed potions should buff Railcarts.

    Throw potion > Jump In > ZOOOOM! :D
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  2. Or just convert it to fuel :D
  3. Like the powered carts?
  4. Yep Coal + Speed Potion equals Fuel.
  5. I like this idea.
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  6. I like you.
  7. i think Notch should add it or they should make a plugin it would make rails soooooo much more fun!!! :D
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  8. Unless Notch adds it I don't think it'll be implemented into EMC :( However I like this idea although just having powered rails does make your Minecart move faster. So although it would make it a bit more expensive you could always build the rail system entirely out of powered rails :D
  9. I was just tossing out an idea. Not trying to push anything. :p

    Powered rails are fast- but with a splash potion they'll be faster! MOARRR SPEED!
  10. The need for speed... Don't let it get to your head :p
  11. You can drink a speed potion and it will make you ride the minecart faster.
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  12. Wait--- whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~~~ ?
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  13. Notch? I think you mean the Mojang team. Notch no longer works on the Minecraft project (although he still supports and benefits from it)
  14. Like NOS? :3

    Ooh and we should be able to toss out banana peels and turtle shells...wait...
  15. Maybe... Pig jousting? :eek:
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  16. Hmmm, is it possible to hold a Lance and a carrot for the piggy at the same time?
  17. Maybe you arm the pig with a saddle THEN a lance... THEN it begins!
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  18. There is a minecraft mod called Railcraft with the purpose of making rails much more awesome in Minecraft. (They have something called high-speed rails, for instance!) Unfortunately, it's not exactly vanilla, and would never be allowed on EMC. :p
  19. awww
  20. This may be true, but it is just a general Minecraft Discussion. I think I once made a thread about wanting to add a new item into the game (even though I knew it wouldn't happen)