MC Hexxit, anyone play?

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  1. After looking through the first 10 pages of threads, I did not see a Hexxit thread, so here goes.

    Anyone else play this? It is a modpack from technic. If you do play, I am looking for tip and tricks. I am a total Hexxit noob. There are so many things to learn and I feel pretty lost with all the new crafting options. It is pretty much system over load, any help would be great. Thanks. BTW, I play Skyblock Hexxit, I know crazy. hehe
  2. At one point in time, prolly a couple years ago now, a friend and I had a really fun playthrough with Hexxit, but that was with actual world generation, and it would've been an older version, so I don't know how much has changed. I kind of recall all the cool new stuff being found by exploring new biomes and generated structures, so I'm not even sure if any of my knowledge would apply to Skyblock. Hexxit, for me, was exploration/adventure-centric, rather than focused on staying in one place and increasing your level of technology, like in Tekkit Lite or something, but we would always return to home base to store all our incredible loot that we got from all the huge generated dungeons, castles, etc.

    In terms of basics, I think you'll have to get acquainted with Tinkers' Construct first and foremost, since that's how you'll actually be making tools (it might actually disable Vanilla tools, but, if not, you should still use TC). I'm pretty sure you initially spawn with a book telling you how to get started with TC, so my advice would simply be to read that instead of chucking it off the edge. Build a smeltery and use it to make steel as early as possible, and just use steel tools until you get to the Nether, at which point find cobalt (blue ore) and make tools out of that instead. Don't bother messing around with any other metal - steel then cobalt: done. How to do all this is explained in the TC books, a new volume of which you get after completing certain TC tasks, like starting to build your smeltery, etc. Oh, and put a Ball of Moss on all your TC tools - it makes them regain durability automatically.

    Is the Overworld the only place that is in Skyblock form, or are the Nether and Twilight Forest also Skyblocks? If there is at least one place with proper land, I highly recommend you have an Electric Staff on you at all times. You'll need to be able to obtain various Essences, which Skyblock might prevent you from doing, but if you can, then make an Electric Staff. This may have been changed since I played, but you were able to enchant it for no level cost, meaning you could just give the thing Unbreaking III at no cost. By the way, what it does is it lets you rocket around through the sky, making travel amazingly fast, easy, and fun. You can shoot upwards, become a jet plane, and I believe you can use it to circumvent fall damage.

    Basically, though, just learn Tinkers' Construct early on, and remember that Not Enough Items (set it to Recipe Mode) and the Wiki are your best friends. For the most part, it's best to learn the same way you learned how to play Vanilla Minecraft, so try to remember how you did that.

    Oh, and keep an eye on what's above; the sky is falling.
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  3. Thanks for the tips, Tinkers Construct is very cool! I will be making my smeltry very soon. The Twilight Forest is turned off on Skyblock but I can always hop over to PvE and give it a shot. I keep hearing people ask about the forest but I had no idea what they were talking about. Since it seems to be another area, like the Nether, how do I get there? I also have a single player game to try out these sweet items and mods. :)
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  4. It's a whole other foresty world, stuck in perpetual twilight, with its own worldgen and mobs, and several different kinds of expansive dungeons, with 4 boss mobs that you can kill and get trophies from. Much like the Nether, it's accessible by way of a player-built portal, though it's built differently. The portal is flat, built into the ground, with a 2x2 square of water in a 4x4 hollow square of grass, with flowers, mushrooms, etc. on each of the 12 blocks of grass. Once that's built, you have to toss a diamond into the water, and uh.. things should happen. ;)
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  5. Anyone else play this?
  6. One more bump. Still looking for more tips and tricks. :)
  7. If you can, get someone to play with. Modded MC is always fun, but it's even better when you have someone that you can go "DUDE LOOK AT THIS" with.
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