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  1. So, I brought some random ingredients and did not have a clue how to cook them,

    So I called out to MC to help...

    This is what I had

    Red onions, asparagus , haddock fillet , potatoes , garlic , cherry tomatoes,

    Pthagaard answered my call for help, he took time out of his game to talk me though preparing and cooking this dish, (Pt whats it called?) here is the below result of pt's guidance and how I interpreted it.

    Ok it looked good, but it tasted delicious, so why do you all give it a try surprise your self and others with your cooking skill

    (children under 14 should always seek parental help when dealing with hot things, and knifes.)

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  2. Looks good! Now you made me hungry XD
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  3. Thanks,!! next time im cooking lamb shanks
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  4. Any one got any ideas for a steak dish?
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  5. Old Thread Much?
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  6. Yes, a steak.

    Thats the only thing that needs to be on that plate..
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  7. Maybe Potatoes & a Biscut
  8. No, I mean the sauce and the potatoes
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  9. Mushrooms, onions, cream, red wine, pepper, bay leaves.
    Cut mushrooms and onions and sort them wit the pepper corns and bayleaves.
    Pick up the pepper corns and bayleaves and throw them out.
    Add redwine and let it boil untill the redwine is thick and very dark red.
    Add the creme and boil untill it makes sense to eat.

    clean the potatoes and make 30-50 cuts on one side of the potatoe without cutting all the way through and mix them in oil, sea salt, pepper and paprika - bake them with the slit side facing UP for 1 hour ish and turn them with freshly chopped parsley.

    Let the steak sit int he boiling sauce for 30seconds and serve it with the potatoes.
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  10. Or

    canned green peppers, sort them in a pan with white wine untill almost all the liquid is boiled in.
    Add grained mustard, salt and pepper and cook it for a min or two - then add a ton of creme and taste this amazing pepper-spicy sauce.

    leave the steak in the sauce after frying for 30 sec, and serve, dream, love and get a new favorite dish.
  11. Job or Hobby?
  12. First education to get in "touch" with my service and experience side. (Now a HUGE hobby)
    8 years later - doing economics and project managing for the hospitality market.
  13. Whoops. :p
  14. Boil water.
    Put pasta in water
    Add olive oil or meat/tomato sauce
    Be magical
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  15. Visit local store,
    Choose meal in box.
    go home, remove meal from box
    place in Microwave

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  16. Go to Costco.
    Buy 1 year's worth of survival food.
    Go home, remove food from 100 gallon bin.
    Place in mouth.
  17. wine sauce
  18. How about pizza but home made like from scratch :)
  19. i love home made pizza