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  1. Hey there guys! I'm MomoYakushi, resident of SMP1!! You can find me at 1159, 1160.. and the other two residences in that square. Well, I am currently making a private server for an RP group I am in. It's a complete city, the four levels of school, a town, a city, everything! Now, I've got a problem- I am hopeless at mazes! I am hoping for a big labyrinth (see picture below). This is about 100x100 blocks, and I want it to be really really hard! My goal is to have the center be about 15x15 or 20x20, which will be the end of the maze. I want plenty of dead ends too!!

    My challenge to you guys- I will be holding this contest for THREE DAYS. That's right, three days! I will be judging, and whoever's design I go with will be getting 2000 rupees! 2K!! There will be a 2nd, 3rd, and honorary prize, but those are a surprise ;). Good luck and I hope to see the best you can give me!

    This is the aerial view of the maze, I got as close as I could. that bottom part is the entrance, and I would like that as left alone as possible, but that doesn't mean you cant make it deeper or push it closer to the front edge of the outer wall! This will be done all in those leave blocks so keep that in mind! :)
  2. im joining the contest
  3. all finished the maze emailed you the world hope you like it :)
  4. Well I and my fellow Moderators had to decide between two amazing mazes-
    From EquableHook624

    And from WolfThunderBlade,

    Now, Equable came to me and asked about round mazes- interested, I took him up on it. Both mazes were wonderfully done and I thank both of them. It was pretty tough deciding a winner but 4 to 1 vote decided that the square maze from Wolf wins!!
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  5. Wait, so i get gold membership, or the 2k mentioned in the op? XD

    Shady manatee says: I'll meet you in the dark alley on the corner of pain and suffering, where you'll gimme teh stuff *evil laugh*
  6. *Joins in the evil laughter*.

    The 2k, and You'll be the first to know about the Gold membership contest!! :) Congrats!