May have been hacked

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by Olga, Jul 31, 2012.

  1. So, I was on EMC, timed out, tried going on, but it said I could not be on more than one server at a time. Please ban me to prevent any potential griefers.
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  2. You logged off SMP2, Don't worry
  3. I know, it was after that.
  4. Scratch that, everything fixed. Virus gone, password changed.
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  5. This is just an error in the system- You have not been hacked. I recommend just closing Minecraft and reopening it.
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  6. Sometimes when you crash it doesn't register properly through the game and it will think that you are still logged on. It normally is best to get a moderator to kick you, but it sounds like you've fixed it anyway :)
  7. Probably gone, but I actually did have a virus.
  8. What mrs. Colgan said :p
  9. I got that same message yesterday???
  10. Yeah this happens occasionally but only rarely does the glitch last for more than 10 minutes! This is one of the reasons why EMC should bring AFK kicks back even when servers aren't full!
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