May be Not Be Active for a little bit.

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  1. Hey Guys… Im Just Finishing Up Summer ANd Will Be Busy With School And Sports, This Will Make me Not Active That doesn't mean ill be gone forever or leaving EMC. i just have a lot of stuff to do during the School Year. I just won't be on as much and don't wont people to get worried! in this thread i will add goals. Moments and you can even ask me questions. Maybe later i might even have a giveaway :) as i said I'm Not Saying i will never come on EMC i just won't be online as much. More Info And Stuff Added in the future!!! thanks guys Remember:
    Ask Me Any questions
    Thanks Guys!!!
    EDIT: Stuff Will Be Added UNDER This Comment
    I have like 2 weeks intill i have school, but like today i start the sports

    Here Are Some Goals :)
    WANTED GOALS: Get 1Mil rupees 500k rupees. Get A Turkey Slicer, Ore Buster , Diamond Supporter Voucher, Aikar Head/Signature. Kill Aikar In Pvp (SOME DAY AIKAR SOME DAY) Forums Goals: Reach 100 likes 500 likes 1000 likes Reach 1000 post. More To Add In Future.
    Wake Up In The Morning With 100 or more alerts
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  2. I hope you had a good summer.
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  3. What grade are you in this year?
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  4. Already started school, and my emc time has decreased dramatically. :eek: Good Luck with the school year!
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  5. Im Going Into 7th :)
  6. We'll be here for when you're back, hope it all goes well :)
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  7. You will always be welcomed back :D I'm starting school today and I've heard 7th grade is pretty hectic (at least at my school). I'm sure EMC time will be decreasing immensely for me. :(
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  8. Added Goals! Hope To Work Out
  9. Nice, I just got out of seventh grade, it was my favorite year as a student (so far :p)
    I'm sure you will love it.
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  10. Awesome Thanks!!!
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  11. I start school on Thursday... Gee, where did the summer go?
    Have a great school year :D
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  12. Hope to see you again soon! And don't worry, school for me starts in 6 days. I'm nervous already. I'm gonna be inactive a lot, especially because I'm in the highest classes.
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  13. BUMP Remember Look at the goals i made!!!!
  14. BUMP I don't feel special :(
  15. BUMB I see All the views on this thread but not many replies!
  17. My bro too!
  18. So you seek repllies... Well here you go.
    Have fun at school if you want... Really your choice, make of it what you want.
  19. School Starts tomorrow. Wont be Active A lot. Very Disappointed I saw all the views very little replies. THanks Anyway