Math Quiz :P

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  1. If there is 8 iron golem cells that produce 500 iron per hour how many cells would you need to get 1 DC

    I just thought of this when I was making an iron golem farm and I really don't feel like doing the math :p
  2. If all the 8 cells produce 500 iron/hr, which seems more plausible, then
    1 hr - 500
    x hr - 3456
    x = 6,912hrs
    Around 7 hours, assuming constant spawning and iron drop rates.
  3. you'll hit entity cap before you can make that many cells
  4. It was worth a try :p
  5. Well if you look at dt from [0,6.912] in hours and then just read matheus' post because I'm posting nonsense, then you can calculate the time to be 6.912 hours.
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  6. Around 7 hrs based on my calculator :p