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  1. Post your problems, help where you can, and enjoy higher grades!

    1. No giving out answers. HELP people figure out the problem on their own.
    2. No "here's my homework. Do it." Make an attempt, tell us what you did, and we'll help you out.
    3. Be nice :) I'm in college, and am used to using trig without thinking about it, but that doesn't mean that trig is easy. Something that is easy for you may not be for someone else.
    4. More rules coming if we need them, so check back here every so often :)
  2. Empire Minecraft. The only gaming community where education is key.
  3. Yes a dream come true:)
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  4. Just finished my math hw. Thejoke was :did you hear about the comedian who incoprated himself into a laughing stock:)
  5. That's my luck, took my calculus final this morning and this is made now. Lol owell
  6. Yea... I thought about that... oh well. for all those people in the southern hemisphere (i think) and for next year maybe
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  7. And for those of us who have finals in a month.
  8. Yea true next year and my prof. gaves us are exam then walk out for about 30min...hmmmm " no one helped each other during that time cough cough we did cough cough" lol
  9. But I'm not taking maths D: How about someone help me with accounting instead? Hehe, just kidding. Nice thread Jabr!
  10. We should have the EMC 'Back to School' forum with stuff like this, but for ALL the subjects. xD
  11. I'll help with the tech part of it. I get 100% in about 99.9% of tech tests.
    I am also good at science. I am good at most things to be honest. But don't ask me about art though.
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  12. its just colour by number isnt it? thats at least what i got of it when i did A2.
  13. So.. Lets get this thread started :D

    Can someone explain godel’s paradox to me and why its even socially relevant to explain it?

    This is a text-based question btw - i don't need a wiki link, or a mathematical setup of the paradox, but an explanation..
  14. I need answers and explanations for every math question in the Australian curriculum, gogogo.
  15. Want it explained in Kangaroos and Wallabies?
  16. I prefer the Koala, cuter ;)
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  17. I dislike both Koalas and Kangaroos
  18. You're right - I like polar bears.
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  19. Well, I like turtles, so. Ya know. I'll post some of my math HW here.