Materials needed in bulk

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  1. Hey guys,
    I am currently not on at the moment, due to my Internet provider being idiots.
    Due to this, I don't have time to finish a new HUGE mall for the Shop Contest. I will however, be able to get close to finishing (hopefully getting on this weekend, then again it was supposed to be 2 weeks ago).
    To save a bit of time I need LARGE amounts of the items listed below to be held back for me, with 200r if the suppliers keep the items for me.

    I need:
    25x-ish stacks of Light Grey Wool/Silver Wool (same colour) - for 90r/stack.
    2x stacks of Glowstone - -19r/stack.
    10x stacks of Glass - 50r/stack.

    I would really appreciate if you guys could supply these blocks.:)

    -Alex Chance
  2. 11R per stack of glowstone?
  3. I wasn't sure of the price of Glowstone, I haven't been on since after the reset :)

    What is it nowadays?
  4. Glowstone is about 20 each
  5. About 1000 r per stack
  6. Ah okay thanks.
  7. But yeah, if you're okay with dying a few times, glowstone isn't that hard to get in the nether. It just really sucks when you're at 2 health and being chased by 5 ghasts and you mine yourself a small cave for safety, which just happens to drop you straight into lava with a full inventory and full diamond armour.
  8. Glowstone isn't exactly needed yet, silver wool anyone?
  9. I can sell you all the stacks of wool,
    Today i will be on @12856
    I will sell you at the price you listed ;)