Massive killstreak!

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  1. Nuff said!

    I want to see better :cool:
  2. i play there too! my record killstreak is 4 :p
  3. what are you talking about??? ;)
  4. im confused, what r U talking about?
  5. what post are you replying to? ;)
  6. Hehehe . . .

    I used Engineer, and I was AFK repairing my turret :p
  7. Hey can you guys pm me the ip for this server it looks fun.

    Bad language
    Spawn Camping people

    Do you want to play with meh? I'll be on in a bit! :)
  9. On the lily pad map I just go to my sniping spot, lets just say I got my record kill streak of 107.
  10. Well it was like a month ago and I died before I thought about taking a screenshot.
  11. *facepalm*
  12. This server is great, I think I may use when I'm afk grinding.
  13. I palyed a 12 hour game once on the server. I got 60+ kills as archer. Sorry guys, no proof.
  14. Hehehe
  15. Ey creppa! You know i play on it, I totally SUCK on both mcctf servers. My top killstreak was 7 but i was getting constant headshots. But not close together. Maybe one in every 10 minutes haha. Well whenever you can be on b4 go on there, Im mostly always on
  16. dont put the ip in! also, there are over 4.
  17. Pff, jamesg003 racked up 60 sometime. Mine was 10 :p
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  18. I was on 200 last time lol

    f2 was broken though :(
  19. what server is this i like