MASSIVE giveaway starting NOW HURRY

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by melodytune, Jul 7, 2012.

  1. Massive giveaway on SMP7 lot 14064

    Starting in the next few minutes Hurry

    Lots of great stuff.. slimes, enchanting tables, wool, wood, Everything you could think of you will find here


    Hurry starting in a few minutes
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  2. Good giveaway! :)
  3. Thanks for coming all!

  4. Even thought I didnt come, im sure it was fun. :)
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  5. it twas! :) i got a bunch of colored wool ^.^
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  6. Haha, I like wool.......... ;)

    /sarcasm sadly.
  7. This giveaway is food approved. :p I was there
  8. Amazing!

    Yes I was there.
  9. aaawww i missed it dident i
  10. aww i cant go on computer on vacation
  11. Brother Toast! I did not see you there. :) Glad you made it.
  12. i saw brother toast there, you must open your eyes sister melody
  13. You are right brother Nolan. To often does The Cakes glory blind me to all else.
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  14. sadly i missed this by an hour and i may have needed some of that stuff to prepare for my 10,000 r mark party in a couple of weeks. also this has nothing to do with this page but how do i make a forum of my own to see who can come to my party? or are creating forums just for supporters.
  15. you can create a thread.

    Click the forums tab on the home page.
    Pick what catagory your thread will go best in.
    In the top right corner there is a button that says "Post New Thread"

    Post away. :)
  16. your a life saver melody
  17. / go back in time to give away
    darn it does not work!!!:mad: