Massive collection of ores to cobble to dirt for rapture

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  1. Hello all it's awsomeantz1 here and I have decided that if u may have heard of rapture on smp2 and it needs as many resources as possible and I have decided to start up a massive mining operation in collecting resource for it so that it will be awesome so here is a list of what u will need and it doesn't matter whatnserver your on u can use /purchase vault to transport your stuff across to smp2 so here is what u will need
    The list:
    Food as much s u need
    Picks as many as possible made of anything
    Swords made of anything and they will need to be good
    Shovels made of anything as many needed
    Torches lots
    Any other special itmes ummay need and diamond supporter may use tntnbut plz warn ppl before use
    This operation is completely for charitynso there will be no pay and there will be cheats on my res 3997 to sell the ores and what ever to but the selling will be free and I will get the person in charge if makeing rapture to collect the items and will need as and I will need as many ppl as possible
    The form for applying must be like this

    A meeting time will be arrangedmand the area will be set up also we will need ppl to do this
    Wood chopping
    Sand farming
    These are the jobs needed and all the items collected must be sold into the chests and NO STEALING ITEMS if you are cought stealing a will get a mod to kick you then ban you
    Thank you for reading this from Awsomeantz1
  2. IGN: chihuahapup
    HHELP OR NOT: yes I will help
    BE THERE OR NOT: yes I shal meet at the arranged time
    SKILL: I will mine for you
  3. Ok thank you chihuahapup