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  1. I am auctioning off a single chest filled with 27 Level 30 enchants. 9 pickaxes, 9 swords, 9 bows.
    All pickaxes and swords are diamond, everything is unused.

    They are as follows:

    Efficiency 4 x2
    Unbreaking 3 Fortune 3 x2
    Fortune 3 x2
    Unbreaking 3 Silk Touch 1 x1
    Fortune 2 Efficiency 4 x1
    Unbreaking 3 x1

    Sharpness 5 Knockback 2 x1
    Sharpness 3 Knockback 2 x1
    Looting 2 x1
    Sharpness 4 Looting 2 x1
    Sharpness 4 x1
    Sharpness 4 Knocback 2 Looting 3 x1
    Sharpness 3 Fortune 2 x1
    Bane of Arthropods 3 x1
    And the King of The Enchants for this Pack:
    Sharpness 4 Knockback 2 Looting 3 Fire Aspect 2!! x1

    Infinty 1 Power 4 x1
    Flame 1 x2
    Power 3 x1
    Punch 1 x1
    Power 4 x1
    Flame 1 Punch 1 x1
    Punch 1 x1
    Power 3 x1
    Infinty 1 Punch 1 Power 3 x1

    Minimum Bid: 15,000r
    Minimum Increment: 537r
    Auction Ends: 24 hours after last bid
    Pickup: 4317 on SMP2 (/v 333kirby)

  2. And LZBZ is starting this off with 15k!
  3. LZ is going to get this quite cheaply!
  4. Wow LZ. You may actually get this for 15k at this rate
  5. i would've considered the looting 3 sword without fire aspect the king, not the one with it, fire aspect disables looting when it kills a mob.
  6. That isn't true?
  7. Conflicting Enchantments

    Some enchantments conflict with other enchantments and thus both can't be enchanted into the same item, effectively taking down the possibility for one to get an overpowered weapon.
    The rules for enchantment conflicts are:
    • Every enchantment conflicts with itself. (So you can't get a tool with two copies of the Efficiency enchantment.)
    • All protection enchantments conflict with each other, so an item can only have one at a time. (In the code, Feather Fall is implemented as a protection enchantment, but it doesn't conflict with the others.)
    • All damage enchantments (Sharpness, Smite, and Bane of Arthropods) conflict with each other.
    • Silk Touch and Fortune also conflict with each other. (The Silk Touch enchantment has no effect on a pickaxe that also has Fortune, such as could be obtained in a 1.9 pre-release or with an inventory editor, since a Silk Touch pickaxe cannot mine resources such as diamonds or coal—only their ore blocks.)
  8. Bumping is limited at once every 3 hours, just a heads up (and a free bump):p
  9. If the fire aspect kills the mob, the looting doesnt count. If sharpness kills the mob, looting does work.
  10. Well, with a sword like that, its probably an instant kill no matter what you do. Sooo...? Also, are either of you going to bid?
  11. from the same wiki
    A sword with Fire Aspect and Looting will not give extra loot if the mob dies from the fire.
  12. Somebody will bid :)
  13. Sharpness 5 is there right? 16k
  14. Yes, there is a sharpness 5 knocback 3 sword. High bid is 18k by LZBZ_DW
  15. Um...you'd need to bid 18,537r or higher to have it be a legal bid
  16. Are you going to bid TDT?
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