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  1. I never seem to have a chest when I need one. The chest that I do have are scattered aimlessly around my res. My goal is to have a mass storage solution in one area. So far these are what I have come up with. Each room is 30x30x10. All rooms have double chest, having capacities of 180, 196, and the big box store 248. Which one do you think is more practical and/or has the most efficient design? Have an idea of something different? (These were built in creative mode. Actual building materials may vary.)

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  2. for that matter, you could double your space further, a chest can be put right above another chest and both can still be used, thus eliminating the waste space between two double chests, though there will still have to be space above the top on to be able to open it, this would basically alter your overall storage significantly.
  3. I did notice that while building. One of my concerns about putting chest one on top of the other is labeling or access signs.
  4. maybe label a whole stack of Chests? As for access signs, I guess you would have to leave a space between each one...
  5. IceCreamCow has some pretty nice set up for storage.
  6. Is it open to the public or would he have to let me in?
  7. /v icecreamcow-2

    Just jump down one of the wholes.