Mass Reboot

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  1. Experienced Some Nice Effects After This?
    Please Post Them Below :)
  2. I saw that too :p
  3. I didnt see anything, cus im banned :'(
  4. how did u get banned?
  5. margeritte said i spammed when i didnt. Im not 100% friendly shall we say with margetitte people have opinions and thats mine. on temp now 1 hour left
  6. He was temp banned... (because of excessive spam) at it's only an hour left, calm down, dude.
  7. that post didnt quite agree with these two rules...
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  8. They have chat logs, and everyone makes mistakes, if you believe an 3 hour temp ban is unfair, please consult Margaritte in a PM on the website.
  9. Update:
    • Bukkit upgrade to 1.3.2 RB1.0 - Few bug fixes
    • TNT Bug fix - Can no longer destroy the road, can be used at edge of residence now.
    • Dragon Egg collection change: Now is collected by simply clicking the egg if you are the owner and will be placed into inventory.
  10. I find it funny we've done mass reboots constantly for the past 3 weeks, then the one that doesn't really change anything to you guys gets a lot of attention lol.
  11. The World is a Strange Land Still Waiting to be Generated
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  12. Random pics FTW then!
    MasterChief Election.jpg
  13. Clapping.gif
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  14. Disrespect +1
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  15. Male Shepard?
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  16. 24 hour temp ban it was.

    And this is off topic!


    ma line = back on topic :D