Mass Effect 1/2/3

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  1. IF you've played them, which is your favorite?

    So far, I think 2 is still my favorite, though 3 is quite good.

    That said, I'm very much enjoying the multiplayer aspect introduced in 3. If anyone else has the PC version and would like to team up in multiplayer, you should leave your Origin username here. Mine's raenisredfox.
  2. I haven't played 3 yet, but both me1 and me2 has different stuff that made them decent games.
  3. I LOVED Mass Effect 1, and i LOVED even more Mass Effect 2, now i have to get Mass Effect 3.
  4. i'm always going to have a soft spot for mass effect 1. although the combat/levelling up system wasn't as polished, i felt the storyline was great. i also enjoyed going onto each planet and finding out what happened, and looking for items etc.

    mass effect 2 storyline and gameplay was a huge step up for me, and i really enjoyed the new characters.

    i think mass effect 3 feels the most polished in terms of movement and gameplay, which is a good thing to have. the multiplayer is also a very nice addition, and it doesn't feel tacked on. it actually feels like they gave it some thought.
    i'm not a fan of the ending (but who is?) but there are talks of bioware giving their fans more, and adding closure, so i can't wait to see.
  5. Yeah, I feel the same way. I really like the feel of the gameplay in 2 and 3.
  6. I miss the mako

    shepard set us up the bomb
  7. I say no game spoilers, because some people (such as yours truly) have yet to beat the game!
  8. I was kinda disappointed with the ending, but I will put why in a spoiler. As for which is my favorite, I would have too say number two because we get to command our entire squad in the last mission if I remember correctly, and that was just a good, fun little thing to let us do. Also, does anyone else have the expansion pack that gives you the Prothean. I love the weapon that comes with him!

    I really hate how they gave us the ability to amass a massive army, lots of unique soldiers and ships, promote a new human spectre, get over 5 thousand dedicated troops, and an insane war fleet, and allow us to help our campaign by playing multiplayer to up our galactic readiness level, giving us a larger total troop count for the final battle, and it change nothing. No cut scenes change, where we fight and the back up we get doesn't change, NOTHING CHANGES!!!!! Then there is the whole super weapon Crucible thing giving us three choices, giving the game a underwhelming ending in my opinion. I would have been happy with this if they had given us the fourth choice to destroy the crucible, and just fight the Reapers normally and win that way. Planet by planet, system by system. And make those fights a little more open world so that we could help on multiple fronts, like we do on Tuchanka. I am done ranting now. I will not be surprised if no one reads this far lol.
  9. i actually can't imagine playing the game without the from ashes DLC, it would feel very weird and i think the game wouldn't feel as complete without it. :S
  10. I take Javik (the Prothean) on every mission, just to hear his reaction to the different worlds and situations. I can't imagine not playing with him either, he imparts such a rich history.