MarsCylon says Hi!

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  1. Howdy All!

    Well my kids got me into Minecraft. I find it more enjoyable than most games I play. (I have a whole book shelf full of Computer Games.) Thought I would try an on-line server to get some of that there "social interaction" thing people talk about.
    So... Here I am. So Hi!
  2. Welcome to the Empire~ :p
    Getting into a server like this is probably one of the best ways to play Minecraft in my opinion, especially a talkative one like this
    Enjoy your time!
  3. Welcome! :D Hope you enjoy your time here on EMC.
  4. Welcome to EMC :D Feel free to ask if you need any help
  5. *socially interacts with you*:
    Hi. >.<
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  6. Welcome to the Empire! Hope you like it here! :) If you need any help, don't be afraid to ask and make sure to check out the wiki! :D