Married With Games 7th and 8th video!

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  1. So, for those of you that subscribe, you would have seen video 7 yesterday, but with it being christmas, I did not get a chance to post here. So, here you go. Episodes 7 and 8 :)

    Ep 7! 'Discussion of Sadness'

    Ep 8! 'Staircase Completed!...sorta'

    As the time comes closer, I feel obligated to tell you guys one more time some of the first requirements for being eligible for the 'Free Steam Game Giveaway!' Which are:

    Subscribe to the channel!
    Follow on twitter! (@MarriedWgames)
    and Like and Favorite the announcement Video! (Which Has not been released yet, but will come soon)

    Enjoy the videos guys :)

    There will be some change in pace in future episodes as we hope to start two new series as well as continuing the 'Married With Minecraft' series. :) Hope you guys enjoy.
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  2. Ohh! I was thinking about these, and couldn't wait to watch another :)