Married with Games 4th Video!

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  1. Hey guys! Married With Games has posted a new video :). This makes episode 4 of our survival series. We will continue to release a new episode every day at noon CST. Enjoy! Remember to like comment and subscribe if you enjoyed the video :).
    Ep 4! 'The Garden!'
  2. *Holds back urge to delete post*
  3. Third! Love the video

    EDIT: It does waste wood
  4. well then thats just mean.... thought you would be proud i was forum stock , you taught me well
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  5. People should suggest some adventure maps and other things to us in the comments :) either here or on the channel.
  6. find a strong hold gogo
  7. Make a shrine to me! :)
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  8. Hm, I gotta ask as a loyal fan to you guys.
    What happend with heyleycogan?
  9. *Off Topic* You need to change the 'a' to 'an'. *Off Topic*

    *On Topic* Olivia Puppy! And she still wouldn't go to bed xD
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  10. She became uninterested, and our personal lives separated. Thats all that really needs to be said :). The videos are still posted at their old links for anyone to see if they wish.
  11. Nah I kid. :)

    D'awww that was the cutest "Can I have a band-aid?" I'm gonna have to agree with her on cats being evil. :)
    Make an infinite water source so you don't have to jump back and forth down the mountain.
    Make steps to go up and down better.

    Um....Other than that, mind is blank at the moment.

    xD Also, for the charcoal and plank debate :p
  12. Thanks for the link, and as we do record ahead of time, we actually do start work on a staircase :p, and the garden is now an Infinite Water source with that 4th episode. So, done and done... bring it on blank mind... need moar! :3
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  13. @6:53 - is that a pumpkin?
  14. so i just watched it like 4 times, and it does look like a pumpkin. Can you believe we have done 4 more episodes since this one and still have not noticed it xD.
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  15. :eek: i dont see the pumpkin argg
  16. xD nvm found i had to put it in full screen
  17. Lets see, goals (some of which are pretty obvious :I)
    • Make a storage room and label the chests.
    • Once you have enough materials you could expand and make your house all fancy.
    • Of course find a mine shaft
    • Make farms somehow with animals. I say somehow because you have a limited space on your mountain. You could always take this and go further and make them all semi-fancy/advanced/whatever you want to say:
    • Find a nether fortress
    • Make mob grinders
    • Find a village and get carrots and potatoes.
    • If you wanted to get really crazy you could make rails and a central hub and connect any places you want to make important.
    • Find Jungle and desert fortresses, Try to keep from setting off the TNT.
    • Find a witch hut
    xD That's all I can think of. Brit said "Try not to set your house on fire" but that's pretty logical >.>
  18. Forgot one!

    • Make a shrine of nfell2009
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