marriage question

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  1. i was wondering if there is a way for the EMC to help marriage. i want to know if there can be a heart next to the person's username. or if the EMC can make a website page for marriage only and so u can sign a marriage form. for example the staffs have hearts next to they're username and i want to know if someone can help me. thanks for your cooperation and get back to me as soon as u can good night!
  2. This is not a place to go online dating.
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  3. This would be good for smp8. But it would be for pancakes or something...
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  4. I like the idea to have a heart that shows you have someone to be with in EMC and I thinks it's cute, but in the same time, it may cause a lot of unnecessary dramas that EMC shouldn't go with like mastanglover25 mentioned.

    you can express your marriage status in your signature and residence too :) also no one stops you to have an wedding event and invite people, I think, so you can tell people you got married with one person??
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