Marlixian Suicide?

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  1. So, I was in the wastelands (with nobody near me) at night. I was in a forest when I got the message signaling the arrival of a Marlix. As I had never seen them in their natural habitat (only in the mob arena) I decided to look for the "Eerie Presence." However, I could not find it and decided to alert that new thread that helps people kill bosses. Two seconds after I decided to do this, I was told that the Marlix had fallen. This was weird, but I went around looking for drops anyways. I found nothing. Did the Marlix suffocate or something? Was there a bug or glitch? Was a Marlix even ever there? Please help.
  2. Apparently all enraged mobs (bosses included) take fire damage now. It's a bug, and I think aikar's on it. :)
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  3. According to the issue tracker this bug has been fixed. Anyone know if this is still happening?
  4. Well, mine just happened today, a few hours ago. Was it fixed since then?
  5. We actually released an update about an hour ago that included this fix. Let us know if you see it happen again.
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  6. I remember that update! I thought I lost my horse because I left her on another res by accident because I was practicing for races! But she's okay! :D
  7. Now you owe me 3 Marlix :D
  8. Careful what you say... IcC might spawn three Marlix right on top of you months from now. ;)
  9. psssh wouldnt be so bad one would just fly off and they are easy to dodge
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  10. Thank you.. I was wondering why the Zombie I was stalking across the desert the other day in SMP6 Wasteland fell over dead before I was able to shoot it.. Would that bug also explain the enraged creeper that I saw that disappeared/despawned and then reappeared a few minutes later and greeted me not with fire but a nuclear missile crammed down its gullet..? That also happened the same day as the dying enraged zombie.. xD
  11. yes and it should all be fixed