Marlix PROBLEM!!!

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by stormboy231, Aug 27, 2013.

  1. Hello all emc player I'm here to say a problem I found with sircoolguy1999.

    So sircoolguy found the marlix spawn while he was building, he did what he usually does wait for me to get on.He kept dogging the arrows till I came, and when I did I went for my god gear and by the time I ran back it said marlix had fallin.I asked him how he did it he just said (wtf).

    Then he said I didn't even touch it, btw I was only 250 blocks away getting my gear and it never said backup come help marlix all it said was marlix has fallin.Later I asked what did you see, and he told me it flyed down to the ground and touched water and just died.

    I want to know if it was a bug with just that marlix, was it soppost to do that, and y didnt I know befor?
  2. Maybe it burned to death, maybe it wasn't fixed, who knows :p
  3. They burn to death. It's a bug that staff knows about.
  4. its burnes in water?!?!?

    god must have as hard ofa life as us when we touch lava :p