Marlix/Momentus Spawn Rate

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  1. So I love fighting Marlix and Momentus but I'm getting tired of sitting in my wild base, if anyone else has fought them could you maybe tell me at what time and what you think helped. Thanks!
  2. I found 2/3 of the marlix,s I have found in the wastelands, unload new chunks (use live map) and just go caving for 2-3 hours the momentus I have found were near my bunker in frontier.
  3. I haven't personally found one (I've fought a friends's) but I've talked around with some people who have and found the following:

    -Servers with not many people online help spawn rates (less people to possibly spawn by)
    -Being in a desert helps spawn rates (neutral mobs won't spawn so there's more entity slots open for a mini boss)
    -Being on a server where a mini boss hasn't recently spawned (they have a cool down between spawns)
    -I think wastelands are more common than wild.
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  4. A marlix and a momentus spawned on me in the same place earlier today, mobs love me lol
  5. This is how they spawn the best, 3 friends in a group fighting in the wild for 3 night'son the 4th night a boss will spawn is you in all 3 kill a ton of enraged only way I kill 21momentus's and 10 marlix :p
  6. standing still is the worse way to get them to spawn on you. Custom mobs "replace" another monsters spawn, so if you are standing still, your area will fill up, then there will be very few new spawns, so very low chance you will get a spawn due to the fact you don't have any monsters around you.

    For best chance, you need to be on the go constantly getting new monsters to spawn.
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  7. I need to talk to you in a private chat, if you have time
  8. Cool thanks guys
  9. a little off topic but i have a question. is it normal for marlix to have no drops? i know that marlix's bow and all that is a rare drop but i killed 2 in the last week and niether droped a thing
  10. Yes It can be out come to have no items drop when kill one.
  11. thats a bummer. thanks
  12. Aikar put the following line of pseudo-code in their development:

    IF proximity_to_bonzd67 = true THEN run procedure "never_spawn_ever_no_matter_what" ELSE "spawn_everywhere"
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  13. Was it a desert? I think desert spawns are hitting cactuses and taking damage, and when custom mobs take too much non player damage, they will not drop anything special.
  14. All we should say is... Thx aikar for makeing it not get damage from cactus :)
  15. The cactus are plotting against us! :eek:
  16. I found that the best way to get minibosses to spawn is disconnect for about 30 seconds in the minecraft morning to let all of the monsters that spawned during the night despawn.
  17. extreme hills