Marlix in the tutorial enterance

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  1. 2014-03-16_10.20.17.png Not a huge deal, he is just flying around minding his own business. Just wondering if it is on purpose?
  2. Which server is this on?
  3. *cough* Aikar *cough*
  4. They had a Momentus walking around in the entrance too. Is he gone?
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  5. It's on all servers... I think
  6. There is a separate tutorial for each server. They all look and act the same but are on different servers.
  7. What??? Never knew. So is there extra Easter eggs on each server tutorial then?
  8. His name is Geoff and he's Aikar's new pet.
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  9. Well, both smp5 and 7 had him in the same place so I think the lobby is the same

    It says his name is Marlix, silly hamster.
  10. Hope Aikar doesn't take it to the wild or wasteland out of the protected zone for a stroll with no armor or weapons whatsoever. Lol
  11. Nope, as said, each server has it's own tutorial.
  12. There is also one on SMP9. It's funny :3
  13. I believe the Easter Eggs are the same in every tutorial. They are all just copied versions of an original.
  14. Yes the tutorial and /shop are exactly the same on every server.
  15. Is it possible to kill marlin at the spawn?
  16. No...
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