Marlix Helmet

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by Stellar_Blu, Oct 15, 2015.

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  1. Starting Bid for Marlix Helmet is 1K :)
  2. Make sure to include a minimum bid, when the auction is over and a pickup location. I would PM a staff member, I'm sure they can help you out with the editing. :)
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  3. 6k
  4. ok if i win will u mail it to me and i will pay u as soon as i log on again?
  5. Yea sure only if you win!
  6. Try to include what Luckypat stated in your OP (Original post). It needs more information than the starting bid.

    Also, is the helmet used or unused?
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  7. this helmet is unused
  8. oops sorry I take that back...
  9. woah this is getting intense ! thank you guys its making me feel better im sick right now and it doesnt help ive been diagnosed with bronchitis and sinus infection D":

    FWI to all you shoppers this Marlix Helmet is not used at all! that makes it worth even more :D
  10. This auction has too many things missing like end time and increment. Closing
  11. sorry but this auction is now closed
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Not open for further replies.