Marlix Boots 85k Ticking Tock 50k Vault Voucher 2 for 18k

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  1. I have a few items to sell. They are in shop chests so its first come first serve.
    Marlix Boots 85k (I have 1)
    Ticking Tock 50k (I have 3)
    Vault Voucher (2 for 18k) (I have 4)
  2. Tick Tock what is that?
  3. All items sold!
    its for a dirt removal on res
  4. Want to trade promos for it?
  5. I will take a ticking tock :)
  6. :p
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  7. *sigh* On my phone, saw the main description and went straight to the comments. Too good to be true /(._.)/
  8. I hate people.