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  1. I am starting a company where if you have an auction I will transfer an item cross server for a low fee which is cheaper than vault. IF you ever sell something on an auction and you are busy pay me to transfer it to the client for 1r a DC! Super cheap Prices. IF interested post the following application. You can also hire me to use my auction house (work in progress) for 5r a DC for pickups. Perfect for large supply companies.

    Transfer Example:

    In-Game Name: RandomName123
    Item In Transfer: 1 DC's of Dirt
    Destination 2326, SMP1
    Fee: 1r
    Delivery Date: ASAP

    Auction House DC Example

    In-Game Name: RandomName1234
    Item Storage: 1 DC of emerald
    Access: IceCreamHorse
    Fee: 5r
    Set Up Date: ASAP
  2. I don't understand. How are you supposed to transfer an item cheaper than vault?
  3. He has free vault I'm guessing
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  4. Yeah I suppose