Marketplace9 - SMP9 Shop at 19002

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  1. Marketplace9
    A new, large SMP9 shop that buys/sells most things

    At 19002, SMP9

    Calculated from the prices of other, more established shops in EMC. I buy at around 90% of the selling price, usually, but if an item costs less than 5r, then I make no profit! I also make no profit on wool, incidentally.

    Pointless question: Why's it called Marketplace9?
    I think the building looks like a marketplace, and it's on SMP9.

    Note: Due to exams, I'm very busy over the next fortnight, so I'm totally reliant on people selling to me to stay in stock. The stock is good at the moment, but I apologise for anything that may go out of stock as the two weeks go on.

    The shop:
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  2. I like the building :)

    Ps. Do you use any mods? The background seems weird :confused:
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  3. Thanks :)
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  4. I think it's optifine, it's on all the max performance, minimum graphics options :p
    Also, I think I accidentally stretched it a bit while "editing" it in paint (getting it to the right size) xD
  5. Uhh, i think i'm gonna get Optifine again. I love that mod :)
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  6. your right back on topic, the market place looks AWESOME i'll definitely check it out
  7. Indeed it does. I love the design :)
  8. Thank you! :D
  9. This looks great. I'll be sure to swing by sometime.
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  10. Thanks! :)
  11. I want to sell more stuff, but all the shops I need to sell to are full now. -_-' At least that means the item is greatly in stock.
  12. Yeah, people are buying things too luckily, so they'll empty again for you at some point :)
  13. Now selling/buying spawn eggs...