[Marketplace] Official Witch Hut Outpost Marketplace

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  1. SMP3 Reses @ Markets on them

    7625: Official Storage Of the Witch Hut Outpost

    7624: Beacons, Nether Stars, Wither Skulls, Diamonds, Shulker Boxes, Rockets (All Tiers), Gunpowder

    7623: TBD

    7622: TBD

    7467: TBD

    7466: TBD

    7465: TBD

    7464: TBD
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  2. Bump! Updated OP
  3. Bump! Nether Stars are now on sale! From 2.5k to 1k per, to celebrate the opening of the Witch Hut Outpost Marketplace!
  4. Bump! Currently 50r per diamonds, 650r per Shulker Boxes, and 1,000r per nether stars!
  5. Bump! Updated OP

    Current Deals; 50k for 64 nether stars, 50r per 8 rockets (all tiers), 650r per shulker boxes
  6. Bump Edit: Now selling gunpowder 64 for 64 rupees, 64 for 96 rupees, and 64 for 128 rupees