Market Pricing.

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  1. I'm going to be selling saplings at 30 R for 10, or 10% or the server price, is this a good idea, would selling an item at 10% the price a good deal? Let me know.
  2. You should not use the prices that are at /shop. The best thing is to take the prices of a big mall on your server and take about 25% off, and if you make it well known enough, and pretty enough, and big enough, it will become a somewhat popular shopping location.
  3. It's never good to judge price based on the Empire Shop. Instead, you should look at 1112 and 405 on smp1, 4005 on smp2, and 10498 and 10117 on smp5. Base your prices on a variety of malls across all servers, but mainly the one you are playing on.

    In addition, don't make your prices TOO cheap - you will always be out of stock.
  4. I would also recommend checking 2000. That usually has about the same as 1112 although they are slightly different.
  5. Thanks. I play on smp1, so I don't know all the shops. On a side note, I actually had that awesome res # for a short while.