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  1. Hey guys, AntVenom here, and welcome back to another- oh, whatever.
    So, I recently opened a new shop. I made it nice looking, easy to find items (teleportation)
    We sell enchanted goods, potions, coal, diamonds, cobble - stuff in high demand, in general.
    Now, please note the shop is incomplete, extra chests here and there. The reason i opened it so quickly is due to the fact tgat the wild is reseting, and items will have less value then.
    Unlike all the shops I have seen, wa actually sell Golden Apples, at a cheap price of 15 r.
    Res number: 19285 (if it doesnt go to erich141s res, try switching the 5 and 8)

  2. Wild wont reset.
  3. For August 1?
    If it won't, thank god.
  4. Yeah it wont reset, i can bet all my r's on this :)
  5. Yay! No wild reset ;)