Marine's meat market!

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  1. Marine,s Meat market is still currently under construction, but I have decided to open it up!

    Donations needed! Donate spawn eggs or beef/chicken/pork! Donate at, 8908


    Only the best Meat make it to your doorstep!
    Only the best swords kill the Meat!
    Only the best coal is used to cook the Meat
    Only the best furnaces are used to cook the Meat


    Cooked Meats

    Cooked Beef: 1 stack = 50r
    Cooked Pork: 1 stack = 45r
    Cooked Chicken: Coming soon

    Raw Meats

    Raw Beef: 1 Stack = 35
    Raw Pork: 1 Stack = 30
    Raw Chicken: Coming soon

    Please do NOT order a large chest or a small chest yet!
  2. Do you need wheat, seeds etc.?
  3. Wheat, carrots, chicken/cow/pig spawn eggs and chicken/beef/pork
  4. Ok so um I could give a few seeds. You plant it. It grows. Use it?
  5. It's actually 8908 and also i could supply wheat asap