Marching season is over :(

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  1. So it all started in July, we started off the season by going to band camp for 2 weeks. It was brutal, we practiced everyday from 8am to 8 pm in the heat of the summer. Took a month or so but we finally got thru all 4 songs. Our first competition rolled around and we got all strait 1s. It wasn't a very big competition but it was still a confidence booster. We won grand champion at the next 2 competitions as well, so now we have a big target on our back. Now it's October and we have been practicing an hour every morning. That was all fine up until it got extremely cold and we were freezing our butts off. The final competition comes and we played for keeps. The win there brought our total wins to 3. All in all I figured that every hour we practiced was equal to 10 seconds in a competition. I was sad that it ended but, I learned a ton. Here is our finished product:
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  2. First. Ahhhh marching band..... I knew you well.