Marching Band Season

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  1. That's right all you band students know what I'm talking about, IT'S MARCHING BAND SEASON! This thread is to discuss what all we have to share about marching band weather it be experiences, shows, advice, ect. Since I am the creator of the thread I'll start by telling you guys my school's show this year, we are playing Queen's greatest hits. For those of you who don't know Queen, trust me you know the songs you just don't know who did them. We will be playing We Will Rock You, Another One Bites The Dust, Crazy Little Thing Called Love, and Bohemian Rhapsody all in that order. I look forward to seeing what we all have to share!
  2. I'm in the Buhler High School marching band. We won our state champonship last year. I play the trumpet. This years show is 'Invictus'. Last year we did one about appollo 13. If you really care there are some mediocre videos of us on youtube, but the sound isn't too great in any of them. We have only set our first movement, and we are working on our second. We have already had our band camp, which is typically 13 hours/day for a week.
  3. I play trumpet as well and we made it to the state championship last year but got only 5th place, however that was our best record for any competition so we are very good.