Maple n Fable

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  1. I recently re-downloaded Maplestory, and I have to say, it's a quality MMO. Many of you probably have played it (if not heard of it), as it is 8 years old...however, I have some IRL friends that have gotten me into it.

    I'm still very new to the game as a whole, but just wanted to throw it out there that Maple is a great MMO if you're perusing the aisles in search of one to get into to.

    On another hand, Fable III (though I have not played it yet) is another oldie but goodie when it comes to RPGs. My friend just told me that it is currently Free to download on the Xbox Live Marketplace, so I will probably be downloading it tomorrow and will let anyone and everyone know what I think about it.
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  2. I suppose maplestory is fine.... Bit frusturating at time though. What level and class are you?
    Dunno anything about fable though. :p
  3. I literally just started fresh again like yesterday, so I'm just like a level 30 Thief. And, I don't know much of anything about Fable either, except for the handful of Let's Plays I've watched on it. :D
  4. I miss Maple :c Everytime I try to play it crashes. I might try again. All my characters are on Bera.
  5. Bora and that's where mine are :D