Map o' 'MURICA

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  1. 'nuff said.
  2. I was asking myself that as I made it.
  3. i can see my house on the map, it's near the border of fried chickn
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  4. Cannot tell if I am from Fried Chikn or Darn Commies. :c I sure hope Fried Chikn.
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  5. Communists for life... :D
  6. Should I put this on my sig??
  7. If you want to... :p
  8. im in
  9. Dang it, I'm a mejican.
  10. But we have guns and no french people!!
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  12. Wooo I'm part of France is Kanadian Bacon
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  13. >.>
    "I live in the western commies!"
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  14. It is hard to say for sure, but it looks like the northern part of the entire western US has just been ceded to Kanada in exchange for a big chunk of Ontario.
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  15. I believe you are looking for this
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  16. Hah! I just now noticed that. I guess you can get Maine Lobster and Kanadian Bacon.
  17. Yeah. The original map isn't all that detailed though. About where the Great Lakes should be there's just a little squiggly thing that might be Lake Erie or Ontario I guess.
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  18. There isn't even a Vancouver Island, the capital of B.C..