Map hide/show fail?

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by Herbrin3, Aug 7, 2012.

  1. After update, I do /map show and it says "you are now visible" but I don't show up on the live map.
  2. What? What do you mean?

    I'm reporting a problem; why are you saying that?
  3. I dont have that problem.
  4. OK... so I have a problem... you don't.

    So are you saying I am "trolling" or what? Why did you post that?
  5. I dont know, I just felt like it. I kno your not trolling, because I have heard others complain about this.
  6. So, yeah; it was stupid. Apologize, don't do it again, and move along.
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  7. Trolololol

    P.S: xD

    P.S.S: Well try logging off the back on.
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  8. Today, I could not log on for 5 1/2 hours because of the "2 hour scheduled down time".

    During that time, I asked for some info on what was happening - and heard nothing.

    OK, So I got logged on - 1.3. So wanted to go see these "emeralds". But, live map did not work.

    1 hour later, I got an "End of stream" error, followed by "You can only be connected to one server at a time".

    I reported it,

    20 mins later, after finally reconnecting (after many tries), I got in - but my boat had disappeared.

    I made a crafting table and a new boat. Then, a mod kicked me in an attempt to fix the earlier problem.

    I made another boat, and carried on.

    10 mins later, same thing; "End of stream" and "...can only be connected to one".

    10 mins later, got back.

    And a third time - same error.
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  9. Got connected again just now; boat is broken again, I'm under water, 1000 from any land; I'm swimming for land; guess I'll craft another boat.
  10. Hmm must be the awesome Minecraft QA process...
  11. Hey piggy stay on topic.
  12. smp9 is the 4th time :p hopefully things will get better!!
  13. and why is this relevant?
  14. um, just being nice....these issues can be frustrating, and Herb is my buddy....that ok?
  15. Why so rude? We are all having issues with the update.
  16. Because ALL this is related to the 1.3 update for EMC.........
  17. Most of us are having/experiencing these problems right now. You're not the only one who can't connect to EMC, its because of the update, nothing wrong with your computer.
    P.S: This type of stuff happens too me all the time, (about 5x more than you) even when everything is normal.