Many Thanks To All!

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  1. Thought it was about time to thank everyone!

    BabyCreepersRule - for being a long lasting EMC friend that I can chat easily and also for her support through a lot of things I have done. She has been in my EMC life from not long after I started on my old account, and after a short 'quiet' period because of her assessments, we are back to being great and active friends. We met through the horse business, and our love for horses still continues :)

    Gawadrolt - from when I started my outpost, Gawa has been a dedicated and active member, taking on huge projects, and is constantly helping out. He contributes a lot and is a great friend to chat to. It surprised me when I saw he has not actually been part of EMC long, because he seems like one of those 'oldies' (lol)

    WyntyrReavyn - another great friend and active member of my outpost, always ready to help out, and when say I need help mining, he'll come right along and help, no problems. He is one that I (always) catch afk (probably at a gold farm for his mansion! xD), and I often find him online.

    PikmanNate - Pik is becoming more active, and is starting to be one of those friends who you can chat easily too. Again, always willing to help.

    nutriciousbudha - yet another awesome active friend, nutri is one of those guys who sees the logical side of stuff, and also is quite active in my outpost.

    RainbowPony1000 - great friend, though haven't seen her around for a bit. We relate through the horses :p

    ImBatman51 - although I don't see him often, Batman does a lot of work in my outpost, and has great design skills (he made a very nice hotel a little while ago)

    bad_bad_dog - starting to become more active, bad helps out with little things. Although english not as his first language, he is still great to chat to.

    RoseTheHunter101 - IRL friend, known each other since we were like three. That explains it all. (P.S. Happy B-day for today :D)

    Suriyakeng - although not active in my outpost now, suri did some great work in it when I first started it out, including skelly farm.

    Staff! - thank you so much for being EMC's staff, this server would not be possible if it weren't for you guys <3

    (I feel like I've missed someone out lol)


    MinecraftPro771 - awesome friend, he has added just about all the redstone things to FB

    eqj744 - built an epic racetrack in FB!
  2. EQJ###! You missed eqj and his race track! When I got there there was a path, some horrible looking buildings and suri's awesome spawner. Otherwise it was pretty bare. We changed that a bit I think :D

    Mcpro has built a few things too! the horrible minerail, the pretty sweet ender pearl station that I try to keep stocked, a stone generator built into the hill which looks cool... and complicated beyond necessary and some horrible eye sore right outside of where I was(no longer) planning to put the big medieval castle, no clue what it does.