Many Enchanted picks for sale!!

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  1. My brother bought the silk touch one and the eff 3 one for me! :)
    (Thanks bro)
  2. any time :)
    Any time :)
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  3. There's plenty left :)
  4. Very good deals, when i get some rupees hopefully some will be left. :)
  5. ill make sure some are left i got all of these in 2 days :)
  6. ill take the unbreak iii fortune iii eff v for 10k right now
  7. come to 1910 im here
  8. im there
  9. Thanks King, btw imma gold!
  10. Thats cool im gold to and im gonna stay gold :)
  11. haha nice
  12. Listen Everyone i am making a diamond shop so make your purchases there any amount there it will be made of diamond blocks (of course) :)
  13. Please don't advertise your stuff on my forum -_-
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  14. Items now at new res 9095 smp4
  15. Stocked some more picks!!
  16. Silk I added to list
  17. I would like an Efficiency IV please.
  18. Did you get it at 9095?
  19. No, sorry. I will right now.