Mansion Numero Dos

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  1. A Mansion commission for MVPworldseries.

    Built in Single Player. Starting EMC Construction Jan. 5th.
    2013-01-04_20.47.16.png 2013-01-04_20.47.22.png 2013-01-04_20.47.31.png 2013-01-04_20.47.43.png 2013-01-04_20.47.52.png 2013-01-04_20.48.04.png 2013-01-04_20.48.09.png 2013-01-04_20.48.15.png

    Currently only the main shell of the mansion, nothing underneath. no furnishings, barely any landscaping.
  2. woah the shell of the mansion still looks very impressive! Cant wait to see what it will look like in EMC!
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  3. Oh my! That is wonderful! I got a res next to smp5's spawn. I will talk to you about something cool there :D
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  4. Hey You speak spanish? Of where You are?
  5. uhm Spanish is pretty easy to understand if you speak English so you can easily get Numero out of Number and most people should know their Spanish numbers 1-10
  6. hehe i'm american, i speak very little spanish, mostly russian and japanese. I used "Numero Dos" just for fun :)
  7. Oh well. I really speak spanish.
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  8. Don't worry, I get excited too whenever I see someone speaking spanish out of the blue xD We shouldn't be so surprised tho, right? Spanish is the 3rd most spoken language after all.

    And now on topic, what an amazing mansion, really. I always get jealous when I see such awesome architecture designs, the use of different materials to make perfect color combinations... grrrr :p Good job.
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  9. I can do this..."Hold my Taco" lol jk great job
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  10. You Speak Spanish too??? What a small world

    *re reads post*

    You speak Spanish? O'well so about the toast who though of putting ....
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  11. Thanks :)
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  12. You have alot of talent my freind...
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  13. so wow thats what ur gonna build for me? its amazing i love it what texture pack did u use??
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  14. ornate 5 revived texture pack
  15. ok
    have u started it on my res yet srry i havent been on
  16. no not yet, i'm still tweaking the design.
  17. ok well let me know when so i
    can come back from nether hunting wither skeletons:D