[Mansion] My biggest creation yet

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  1. Hello Empire,

    Lately, I have been spending a lot of my Emc time working on a secret project. Some like to call it the big dirt cube because everything I have been creating has been hidden by a dirt wall. Well, After weeks of designing and building, I have finally finished my biggest project yet, the magnificent mansion of Smp4. I have now taken down the walls so that everyone can see the glorious creation I have built. So come on over to 8015 and see what I have made. I hope you like and be sure to tell me what you think of it.

    I will post pictures but you will have to actually see it to believe it.


    2012-09-28_20.14.03.png 2012-09-28_20.56.20.png 2012-09-28_20.20.15.png 2012-09-28_20.17.31.png 2012-09-28_20.17.02.png 2012-09-28_20.17.31.png
  2. Dang! Thats EPIC! Awesome job Zbalda! How much was the total cost?
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  3. Here is a picture of it on the server: 2012-09-28_21.59.16.png
  4. I'd say around 70k
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  5. Is that schematica? in the second picture on the OP? whre it says "mansion [12.73m]"?
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  6. That's rei's minimap :)

    Good Job!
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  7. I wish my house was this epic...
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  8. Really cool!
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  9. it's amazing Zbalda97 it look so much better win it wasn't trapped in a dirt rectangle LOL but great job payed of for working 3 weeks
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  10. 1: best house ever.
    2: you snagged the spot beside crazy's res!!?? or is that shauns res.... i cant remember
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  11. Grammar police come to save the day again xD

    But thank you empireboss, that was very nice
  12. Grammar Biscuit here to save the day!
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  13. yah, It's Shaun's res. And I've actually had it for about four months now. xD
  14. Awesome! The seats and decoration is really cool, well done :)
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  15. Btw, special thanks to empireboss, aazesky and coonerdog for helping me tear down the dirt walls! :) I wish you could of been there PRO_G4NGST4 but you weren't on at the time xD