Mansion & more @ residence 1994 (sensign)

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  1. Hi,

    I was a bit proud of myself on making a nice house with a swimming pool, so I just thought about putting it in Community Creations.

    (click to enlarge)

    The swimming pool was the hardest. It has something that looks like a system that flows water into the pool, under my porch. Under there, there is also a glass wall and at the other side you can see the storage room, under my house. From inside it looks like an aquarium.
    The whole pool is enlightened by glowstone, so it looks pretty good by night.

    Oh and there is a watch tower beside my house, in the middle of my residence. It's a little arty, with all the fences in the air, but nothing special.

    Tell me what you people think about it and feel free to look around online at /v 1994

    Ruben - sensign

    PS: here is an hiding spot I made just for fun, in the nether :).

  2. Very nice, thanks for sharing!!!