Mansion ideas

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  1. Please leave your ideas of what I should make my mansion out of.
    The winner will get a prize (yet to be decided).
    I am making it on smp3 6557.
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  2. Obisdian?
  3. I want a combination eg. snow and wood
  4. Dirt and Stone.
  5. Pine logs and stone bricks?
  6. I want sandstone in the combo please
  7. Dirt and sandstone
  8. Smooth sandstone and netherbrick look really good
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  9. Do i win? :D
  10. Jungle wood, stone, stone slabs, snow, brick, sandstone, sand and glass?

    Netherrack and fire
  11. how about a combination of pine wood, sandstone , fence, glass, glowstone, wood plank, and whatever else you seem fit to use
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  12. Sandstone floor. Decorative walls of wool/oak/jungle wood and bricks/stone bricks on the outside.
  13. Sandstone, stone bricks, nether brick, and glass
  14. How about what ever you want to be in it. 'Nuff said. I win.:p
  15. aw.
  16. Smooth Sandstne, nether brick and circle stone, if too expensive, do stone bricks.
  17. Snow, Ice, Pinewood, Birch Plank/Slab, Pine Leaves. Hmm dunno what else :3